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Bankruptcy Court Authority

The bankruptcy judge has final authority for all proceedings, including accepting or rejecting your Los Angeles area home appraisal report and value. Bankruptcy judges will typically only accept appraisal reports from California State Licensed appraisers with a history of preparing credible appraisals.  At Turners Appraisals I know and understand this and my pledge to you is that I will produce a comprehensive, yet easy to understand, appraisal report that will hold up under scrutiny.

How is a Bankruptcy Home Appraisal Report Different than a Home Loan Appraisal?

A bankruptcy home appraisal report establishes an opinion of your Los Angeles area home’s fair market value, much like the home appraisal required for getting a mortgage loan. By comparing your property to real estate sales in your neighborhood the home appraiser uses factual data to support the value certified in the appraisal report.

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