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 The Southern California Real Estate Market has experienced an unprecedented roller coaster ride in property values over the past decade.

Lower your property taxes today!

Lower your property taxes today!

Unfortunately, County Assessors have failed to adequately address this trend and continue to raise property taxes for many property owners. If you purchased your property within the past ten years you may be over assessed and paying too much in property taxes.

I can help you appeal your assessed value and reduce your property taxes. I am IRS qualified and California State Certified and I specialize in property tax appeal appraisals. Please trust me to provide an accurate appraisal report on your Los Angeles area home.  For any questions about my Los Angeles area appraisal services or to just talk about real estate values in your neighborhood call (818) 384-6869 now for a free consultation!

Online Assessment Appeals Board

You may be able to secure a reduction in property taxes simply by filing online with the County by clicking here However, if you want to prepare for an assessment appeal hearing then you will want to download and review this LA County publication.  You will also want to have me prepare a qualifying residential appraisal report.

If you think your property taxes are too high please contact me for a free consultation.  A five minute phone call could save you thousands

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